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Chinese Chess Stoneman 8.0

Chinese Chess Stoneman is a master level and popular Chinese Chess Game
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Chinese Chess Stoneman version 7.6 is the latest version of this Chinese chess game for Windows, by Chinese Chess Stoneman Team. We can purchase this game or/and download and evaluate free of charge the trial version available from the developer's website. We play it for seven days. We are allowed to play the game against the computer, another player, or the computer against itself. From the startup menu, we can select the time for the game, the time for a movement; extend depth, hash table, time per move, etc. At the Main window, we see the board, several icons, the toolbar, move and thinking detail window, timer, etc. We can open, upload and save the game, show time, vertical and horizontal rotate board, change the color of our pieces, show/hide ponder, move now, undo, start/stop analyze mode, and explore by going backwards: to the beginning, 4 moves back, previous move, and forwards: 1 move ahead, 4 moves ahead and end. It is possible to change the size of the pieces, their style and even add our own. We can also customize the board, the background, change the font size of the thinking detail feature, start Arena Match, Open Book and download tutorial chess books ( in Chinese). The Advanced option gives access to connect, stop, option, project, and help. The FAQ are in English.

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  • Highly customizable


  • The Chess Books are in Chinese
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